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Crab Locker with its proven design and comparative advantages than other lockers on the market. Crab Locker equipped on 18 sets 4x4 vehicles over 5 years for extreme off road drive test, during the 5 years TRE continued to improve its capability and durability. With its New Air Operated Actuator Design, unique Oil Return System design, Two Piece Case Structure Design and easy installation feature, Crab Locker finally released on the market. Crab Locker is your best choice for weekend off road trip or extreme 4x4 off road drive

TRE Crab Locker equipped with the developed gear, the locking depth has been increased from 2mm for ordinary products to 5mm, which fundamentally solves the problems of automatic unlocking or insufficient locking effect in similar products. The gear adopts a nickel-plated design, which is fully rust-proof and greatly improves the degree of wear resistance, significantly improve the service life and locking efficiency of the product.


TRE Wave Spring equipped makes locking and unlocking elasticity more stable and endurable because of wave spring fit tight radial and axial spaces. Most importantly, Wave spring reducing the spring height by 50% than the ordinary coil / compression springs, so there is no need to drill the spring holes too deep on the clutch gear, this increased clutch gear strength a lot.

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