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All You Need To Know

Can roof tents be mounted on every car?

According to the manufacturer, roof tents can be mounted on every passenger car or bus where roof racks can also be mounted.

The maximum permissible weight of my roof racks is 75 kg. Is this a problem?

All roof racks can support around 75kg which is sufficient for the weight of the roof tent (50-60 kg). The manufacturer’s advice is based on the load while driving. While stationary, the roof racks can handle up to 300 kg. The roof tents normally weigh between the 40 and 60 kg, so there is plenty of carrying capacity left for a few people.

How fast can you drive with a mounted roof tent?

With a roof tent on your car, you should not drive faster than the advisory speed limit (120 km/h). It is essential that the roof tent is installed following the manufacturer’s instructions. With both purchase and rent, the mounting of the roof tent is free of charge.

How long does it take to set up a roof tent?

All roof tents can be set up within a few minutes. You can leave the bedding in the classic, which allows you to create a comfortable sleeping place in no time.

Does a roof tent increase the fuel consumption of the car?

The fuel consumption of the car will increase slightly, but not significantly. This also depends on the speed of the car. At 120 km/h this will be proportionately more than at 90 km/h.

Do I need anything else if I buy or rent a roof tent?

The only thing that is needed for a roof tent is a car with roof racks. Do you have a car, but no suitable roof racks? No problem, we have a growing selection of universal roof racks for rent. so get in touch with your make and model and we can see what we have available.

Let us know the brand of car, type and year of construction before applying for rental or purchase. 

Is the rented roof tent insured?

Rental objects (and their possible contents and accessories) are not insured by the lessor or the organization of the lessor, but fall under the own insurance (home contents, travel and / or car insurance) of the lessee. This also applies to damage to objects of the lessee or third parties caused by the use of rented object(s). For more information, see the general conditions.

Are there pets allowed in the rental roof tents?

No, pets are not allowed in the roof tent. 

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